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Why I chose John L. Scott

Today, I posted a formal announcement of my joining the firm John L. Scott on my Facebook page.

When it comes to real estate companies, there are many choices for a Real Estate Broker to chose from.  So why did I choose a regional firm when there are many other firms out there that may have a more recognizable name and might be nationwide?

Because real estate is first and foremost a people business.  J. Lennox Scott, Chairman and CEO of John L. Scott says it best: “Our business is Real Estate, but our company philosophy is living life as a contribution. It’s the core of who we are as a company.”  This translates into one of our core values: “It’s about the possibilities in our clients’ lives”.  No two clients are alike, no two needs, dreams or goals are the same.  As Real Estate Brokers, we are first and foremost consultants and educators for each of our clients.  In an era where real estate data is readily available to everyone who knows how to use a smart device, we help our clients make sense of the local market, navigate the buying or selling process and help them reach their real estate goals.

Because, as a professional, I want to work with a Company that will offer my clients the best tools to search and find their new home, to sell their house at the best possible price, in the best possible time, and to monitor the market with real time data sourced directly at the Multiple Listing Service.  How does John L. Scott achieve this?  Two examples: 1) For one, JLS has developed exclusive and trademarked marketing tools and systems to optimize the marketing of its clients’ listings because it is THAT important; 2) JLS has developed what I consider the best mobile app on the market; The GPS Home Search App 3.0 is ideal to help you keep a finger on the pulse of the market (pun intended)!  JLS prides itself in staying ahead when it comes to technology and marketing strategies to best serve its clients and they deliver.

Because when it comes to real estate, local knowledge is paramount.  I firmly believe that to bring value to your clients, you need to know your local market.  I have lived in the Rock Creek / Bethany/ Cedar Mill / Forest Heights area for ten years now (with a short detour by Colorado to keep things interesting).  I have seen this area change with price dipping in the recession and bouncing back up, and grow with new construction.  It is a dynamic market, close to major employers (Intel, Nike), highways (26 and 217) and convenient to downtown!

So what’s not to like?  John L. Scott, a regional independent company, with over 80 years of proven history of excellence in the markets it serves, has it all: local, expertise, excellence.  And that is why I chose John L. Scott.

– Marie