My Must-Do Things When Moving Into A New House

The last few days have been busy for me.  My family and I just moved into our new home sweet home!  We are over the moon excited!  And this made me think of the three things I have done or will be doing this week.

1) Change the locks

This one seems like a no-brainer.  You just bought your new home and the previous owner gives you one key to the house.  Really?  ONE key?Key.jpg

Obviously, there are other keys out there…

If you feel handy, you can go to Home Depot and get yourself a new lock.  We are not that kind of handy in my family, so I call a locksmith and use this opportunity to ask for all the locks to be re-keyed (think garage door and back door).

2) Change your mailbox lock

Did you just get ONE key for your mailbox too?  I thought so!

This one works a bit differently.  I know some people change the lock themselves… but your mailbox may be considered USPS property, in which case, the U.S. Postal Service should be the one changing the lock… as long as you ask for it!

You may make a formal request by going to your local post office.  They then inform you once the lock has been changed and you can go pick up your keys.  In the past, they have asked for a proof of ownership and the service was free; I will know soon if things have changed as I am heading to the post office tomorrow for my mailbox.  I will have up-to-date details on this!

3) Meet the neighbors

And now for the fun part: meet your neighbors!  Grab your kids, pets etc…  Go knock on doors as a family and introduce yourselves to your new neighbors!  Feel free to bring a little bag of homemade cookies (for example) to mark the occasion, but this is only if you want (or can! – considering that you may still have most of your stuff packed).

Three things…

… to do when you move into your new home

… for peace of mind

…  although I know there will be many more things I will be doing in my new house (starting with cleaning it and getting my closets and cabinets organized!)  😉

Welcome home!


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